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Q. What is cold pressed juice?

A. Fruits and vegetables are placed in cold pressed juicer to extract juice.

Q. How is Berry Sweet Juice different from other juice bars? 

A. Most juice bars use a centrifugal or masticating juicer that heats up in the process, loses some nutritional value and  separates quicker.

Q. What kind of juicer do you use?

A. Berry Sweet Juice uses a Goodnature commercial hydraulic cold pressed juicer that does not heat up in the process, maintains nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins, and has a longer shelf life.

Q. What are the benefits of cold pressed juiced?

A. Benefits of consistent consumption of cold pressed juice can include: lowering blood sugar, improved skin, and


Q. Are your juices pre made?

A. All juices are made to order. 

Q. Do your products contain artificial ingredients or fillers?

A. No. Berry Sweet Juice does not use water, ice, sugar, or artificial ingredients.

Q. Is it normal for the juice and/or mylk to separate?

A. Yes. Shake before consumption.

Q. Is your juice pasteurized or processed?

A. All Berry Sweet juices and milk are raw, unprocessed, and unpasteurized.

Q. What is the shelf like of the juices and mylks?

A. 3-5 days unless otherwise stated.



Q. How can I place an order?  

A. Select order now on the website or email 

Q. Is there a minimum order?

A. $16 minimum purchase. 

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. Visa Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Zelle.

Q. Can I cancel my order once it is processed?

A. Orders cannot be cancelled once payment has been processed. 

Q. Can I get a refund or exchange?

A. Our goal is guest satisfaction. While we do not offer refunds or exchanges, email for      questions or concerns.


Juice Cleanse

Q. What are the benefits of a juice cleanse?

A. A juice cleanse can jump start your weight loss journey and give you a reset by helping rid your body of toxins. 

Q. Is it ok to eat water or drink caffeine while on a juice cleanse?           

A. It is recommended to consume at least 8 oz of water in between each juice. Coffee and/or caffeinated beverages    are not recommended. 

Q. Can I still exercise during the cleanse?

A. Adequate rest is an important part of your cleanse. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep allows your body time to rest        and reset. Light exercising such as yoga, Pilates, and walking helps circulation and is recommended. Weightlifting is not recommended.

Q. Can I eat fruit or snacks in between?

A. Listen to your body and eat a fruit if it is absolutely necessary. Keep in mind, the purpose of a cleanse is to give          your digestive system a break.

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